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Vidya Samadi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Vidya is an Assistant Professor at Agricultural Sciences Department at Clemson University (CU) and directs Clemson Hydrosystem and Hydroinformatics Research (HHR)group. Dr. Samadi also leads South Carolina (SC) Surface Water Modeling Systems at SC Water Resources Center. Vidya' background is in engineering hydrology and hydroinformatics. Dr. Samadi is a member of International Environmental Modelling & Software Society (IEMSS), the Society of Women Engineers, and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Dr. Samadi serves on the CUAHSI Informatics Committee.

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Nina C. Hubig, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Nina is a computer scientist at Clemson University interested in the development of data platform, Hurricane data analytics and prediction, dataplatform generation, timeseries analysis, data fusion,and application of AI/ML in imagery and computer vision. Dr. Hubig co-supervises HHR students and collaborates with our team on multiple research projects.

Student Researchers

Ryne Philips

Ph.D. Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering-Water Resources

Ryne is a PhD. candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of South Carolina. He is studying flood frequency analysis and design metrics for water infrastructure systems. His research will play an important role in developing regional-scale flood analysis systems in environments with successive flood events. Dr. Samadi co-advises Ryne collaboratively with professor Meadows at the University of South Carolina. In his free time, Ryne enjoys horticulture and spending time with his wife and children.

Sadegh Sadeghi Tabas

Ph.D. Student in Civil Engineering-Water Resources

Sadegh has two BS degrees respectively, in water resources engineering and civil engineering. He is working on an NSF funded project adressing the application of cyber-GIS and cyber-physical systems approaches for watershed modeling and software development. His work focuses on South Carolina as a case study region.Sadegh also works on Python and JavaScript package development. When Sadegh is not researching, he enjoys listening to the music, reading, and swiming.

Nushrat Humaira

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science

Nushrat is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science here at Clemson. She works collaboratively with Drs Hubig and Samadi on water resources data analytics.

Lisa Umutoni

Ph.D. Student in Agricultural Sciences-Water System Management

Lisa is a Ph.D. student in Agricultural Sciences Department at Clemson University. She joined HHR team after completing her MS degree in Civil Engineering at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education,the Netherlands. She works on developing informatics and data analytics system for Agricultural Water Use and Irrigation Management. Lisa enjoys cooking, traveling, and watching movies with friends.

Rishav Karanjit

MS Student in Computer Science

Rishav works on machine learning algorithms development for flood applications. He works on an NSF funded project focusing on South Carolina flooding issues. Rishav enjoys travelling, cooking and listening to music.

Betina Guido Cruz

MS student in Civil Engineering-Hydroinformatics at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands

Betina is a grad student in hydroinformatics at IHE, researching the impacts of flooding on water-energy-food-climate nexus in South Carolina Coastal regions. Dr. Samadi advises Betina collaboratively with professors Bhattacharya and Popescu of IHE Delft. Betina'research is supported by the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Union. In her free time, Betina loves going to the gym, doing outdoor activities, reading science fiction books, and inspiring her painting creativity!

Leon Windheuser

BS Student in Computer Science-Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

Leon is a Computer Science student at TUM. He works with the HHR team on deep learing modeling development. Ask Leon for his favorite hobbies:)!.

Danica (Dani)

Group mascot

Dani is a founding member of the lab, and provides boundless positive energy to lab members. She loves huging and cuddleing, and she is a great proponent of canine intervention therapy!


Rakshit Pally

MS Student in Computer Science

Rakshit focused on informatics and web platform develoment for the HHR projects. Rakshit currently works for Amazon as a Software Development Engineer.

Maxwell Hill

South Carolina's Governor's School for Science and Mathematics

Max is a high school student at South Carolina's Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. He worked on machine learning application for flood image analysis during summer 2021!

Alana Couch

South Carolina's Governor's School for Science and Mathematics

Alana is a high school student at South Carolina's Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. She worked on machine learning application for water resources data analysis during summer 2021!

Mahdi Erfani

Ph.D. Civil Engineering-Water Resources

Mahdi worked on application of Geographic Information System for environmental monitoring and assessment. He also worked on Image Processing approaches for flood data analysis.

Nattapon (PK) Donratanapat

M.Sc. Computer Engineering

PK developed Flood Analytics Information System (FAIS) web application to intelligently assess flood hazards in real-time. PK currently works for a softhware company in Charlotte, NC.

Ellie Y. Chao

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Ellie studied flood modeling and simulation using various surface runoff modules. She had an awesome internship experience at the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) in summer 2019.

Romeer Desai

B.S. Biology

Romeer joined HRR in 2019 and studied environmental and biological assessment for mitigation projects.

Haigang Liu

Ph.D. Statistics

Haigang developed new methodologies and python tools for spatio-temporal analysis of rainfall and flood data. Dr Samadi co-supervised Haigang collaboratively with Dr. David Hitchcock at USC Department of Statistics.

Nicolet Chovancak

B.S. Civil Engineering

Nicolet developed code to assess the responses of streamflow to pollution release in South Carolina.

Masoud Yosufi

M.S. Water Engineering

Masoud researched drought modeling and computing.

Andrew Bjork

B.S. Civil Engineering

Andrew worked on developing python tools for flood analysis in South Carolina. He is now a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University and an engineer with Michael Baker International.

Thomas Martin

M.S. Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Thomas researched on the application of hydrology models on surface flow simulation. He is currently a graduate student at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, ParisTech, France.

Hana Etemadi

Ph.D. Environmental Sciences

Hana worked on the impacts of climate change scenario on environmental systems and wetlands. She is now an assistant professor at Persian Gulf University, Iran.

Alexis Atlani

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Alexis developed uncertainty algorithms to simulate surface water system. Dr Samadi co-supervised Alexis collaboratively with colleagues at ParisTech, France.

Sahar Desai

B.S. Environmental Sciences

Sahar focused on data mining and analysis for environmental impact assessment.

Dara Ahmadi-Azar

M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Dara researched on data mining and preprocessing.

Masoumeh Ostad

M.S. Environmental Sciences

Masoumeh researched on ecological modeling and assessment.

Mohammadreza Farzaneh

M.S. Water Resources Engineering

Mohammadreza developed uncertainty algorithms to assess errors in climate models and downscaling approaches.

Emma Hopson

M.S. Civil Engineering

Emma designed new approaches for studying the impacts of climate change on the coastal water resources systems in Wales, UK. She is now an engineer with a Water Resources firm at Oxfordshire, UK.

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